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The Pao Genus

The Pao genus contains mostly freshwater pufferfish, with the exception of one (P.leiurus) which can also be found in brackish waters. Until 2013, species from this genus were generally assigned to the Tetraodon genus.

There are 15 recognised species in the Pao genus:

  • Pao abei

  • Pao palembangensis (Dragon puffer, Humpback Puffer)

  • Pao cochinchinensis

  • Pao baileyi (Hairy puffer)

  • Pao barbatus

  • Pao cambodgiensis

  • Pao bergii

  • Pao palustris

  • Pao leiurus

  • Pao brevirostris

  • Pao fangi

  • Pao hilgendorfii

  • Pao ocellaris

  • Pao suvattii (Arrowhead puffer, Pignose puffer)

  • Pao turgidus


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