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The Tetraodon Genus

Tetraodon is a genus in the pufferfish family (Tetraodontidae) which is endemic to Africa.

The Tetraodon genus historically included many other species, which have since been reassigned to other genera; Pao, Dicotomyctere and Leiodon.

There is only six recognised species in the Tetraodon genus:

  • Tetraodon schoutedeni (Spotted Congo puffer, Leopard puffer)

  • Tetraodon duboisi (Stanley puffer)

  • Tetraodon miurus (Congo puffer, potato puffer)

  • Tetraodon pustulatus (Cross River puffer, Red-line puffer)

  • Tetraodon lineatus (Fahaka puffer, lineatus puffer, nile puffer)

  • Tetraodon mbu


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