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Genera within Tetraodontidae

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

The Tetraodontidae are a family of primarily (but not limited to) marine and estuarine fish of the order Tetraodontiformes.

Almost all of the commonly kept species of pufferfish belong in this family.



  • Amblyrhynchotes honckenii (evileye pufferfish, evileye puffer or evileye blaasop)

  • Amblyrhynchotes rufopunctatus



  • Arothron caeruleopunctatus (blue-spotted pufferfish)

  • Arothron carduus

  • Arothron diadematus (Masked Pufferfish, Bandit Pufferfish)

  • Arothron firmamentum (Starry toado)

  • Arothron gillbanksii

  • Arothron hispidus (White-spotted puffer)

  • Arothron immaculatus (Immaculate puffer)

  • Arothron inconditus (Belly-striped puffer)

  • Arothron leopardus (Banded leopardblowfish)

  • Arothron manilensis (Narrow-lined puffer)

  • Arothron mappa (Map puffer)

  • Arothron meleagris (Guineafowl puffer)

  • Arothron multilineatus (Many-lined puffer)

  • Arothron nigropunctatus (Black-spotted puffer)

  • Arothron reticularis (Reticulated puffer)

  • Arothron stellatus (Stellate puffer)



  • Auriglobus amabilis

  • Auriglobus modestus (bronze puffer or golden puffer)

  • Auriglobus nefastus (greenbottle pufferfish)

  • Auriglobus remotus

  • Auriglobus silus



  • Canthigaster amboinensis (Spider-eye puffer)

  • Canthigaster axiologus (Pacific crown toby)

  • Canthigaster bennetti (Bennett's sharpnose puffer)

  • Canthigaster callisterna (Clown toado)

  • Canthigaster capistrata (Macaronesian sharpnose-puffer)

  • Canthigaster compressa (Compressed toby)

  • Canthigaster coronata (Crowned puffer)

  • Canthigaster criobe (Striped toby)

  • Canthigaster cyanetron

  • Canthigaster cyanospilota

  • Canthigaster epilampra

  • Canthigaster figueiredoi (Southern Atlantic sharpnose-puffer)

  • Canthigaster flavoreticulata

  • Canthigaster inframacula

  • Canthigaster investigatoris

  • Canthigaster jactator (Hawaiian whitespotted toby)

  • Canthigaster jamestyleri (Goldface toby)

  • Canthigaster janthinoptera (Honeycomb toby)

  • Canthigaster leoparda (Leopard sharpnose puffer)

  • Canthigaster margaritata (Pearl toby)

  • Canthigaster marquesensis

  • Canthigaster natalensis (Natal toby)

  • Canthigaster ocellicincta (Shy toby)

  • Canthigaster papua (Papuan toby)

  • Canthigaster punctata

  • Canthigaster punctatissima (Spotted sharpnosed puffer)

  • Canthigaster pygmaea (Pygmy toby)

  • Canthigaster rapaensis

  • Canthigaster rivulata (Brown-lined puffer)

  • Canthigaster rostrata (Caribbean sharpnose-puffer)

  • Canthigaster sanctaehelenae (St. Helena sharpnose pufferfish)

  • Canthigaster smithae (Bicolored toby)

  • Canthigaster solandri (Spotted sharpnose)

  • Canthigaster supramacula (West African sharpnose-puffer)

  • Canthigaster tyleri (Tyler's toby)

  • Canthigaster valentini (Valentinni's sharpnose puffer)



  • Carinotetraodon borneensis

  • Carinotetraodon imitator (commonly confused with C.travancoricus - dwarf Malabar pufferfish)

  • Carinotetraodon irrubesco (red-tail dwarf puffer)

  • Carinotetraodon lorteti (Crested puffer, red-eye puffer)

  • Carinotetraodon salivator

  • Carinotetraodon travancoricus (Dwarf Puffer, Pea Puffer, BB Puffer, Pygmy Puffer)



  • Chelonodon bengalensis

  • Chelonodon dapsilis (plentiful toby)

  • Chelonodon laticeps (blue-spotted blaasop)

  • Chelonodon patoca (milk-spotted puffer)

  • Chelonodon pleurospilus (blaasop beauty)



  • Chonerhinos naritus (bronze pufferfish or yellow pufferfish)



  • Colomesus asellus (Amazon puffer, South American Puffer)

  • Colomesus psittacus (Banded puffer)

  • Colomesus tocantinensis



  • Contusus brevicaudus

  • Contusus richei (Prickly toadfish)



  • Dichotomyctere erythrotaenia (Red-striped toadfish)

  • Dichotomyctere fluviatilis (Topaz puffer, Green pufferfish)

  • Dichotomyctere kretamensis

  • Dichotomyctere nigroviridis (Green spotted pufferfish)

  • Dichotomyctere ocellatus (Eyespot pufferfish, Figure eight puffer)

  • Dichotomyctere sabahensis



  • Ephippion guttifer (prickly puffer)



  • Feroxodon multistriatus (Many Striped Blowfish, Many Striped Pufferfish, Scribbled Toadfish or Ferocious Pufferfish)



  • Guentheridia formosa (the spotted puffer)



  • Javichthys kailolae





  • Lagocephalus guentheri (Diamond-back puffer)

  • Lagocephalus inermis

  • Lagocephalus laevigatus (Smooth puffer)

  • Lagocephalus lagocephalus (Oceanic puffer)

  • Lagocephalus lunaris (Lunartail puffer)

  • Lagocephalus sceleratus (Silver-cheeked puffer)

  • Lagocephalus spadiceus (Half-smooth golden puffer)

  • Lagocephalus suezensis



  • Marilyna darwinii

  • Marilyna meraukensis (Merauke toadfish)

  • Marilyna pleurosticta



  • Pao abei

  • Pao baileyi (Hairy puffer)

  • Pao barbatus

  • Pao bergii

  • Pao brevirostris

  • Pao cambodgiensis

  • Pao cochinchinensis

  • Pao fangi

  • Pao hilgendorfii

  • Pao leiurus

  • Pao ocellaris

  • Pao palembangensis (Dragon puffer, Humpback Puffer)

  • Pao palustris

  • Pao suvattii (Mekong Puffer, Pignosed Puffer, Hognosed Puffer and Arrowhead Puffer)

  • Pao turgidus (Cambodian Mekong pufferfish, Target Puffer, Brown Puffer, Asian Spotted Puffer and Chameleon Puffer)



  • Omegophora armilla (Ringed toadfish)

  • Omegophora cyanopunctata (Bluespotted toadfish)



  • Pelagocephalus marki



  • Polyspina piosae



  • Reicheltia halsteadi (Halstead's toadfish)



  • Sphoeroides andersonianus

  • Sphoeroides angusticeps (Narrow-headed puffer)

  • Sphoeroides annulatus (Bullseye puffer)

  • Sphoeroides dorsalis (Marbled puffer)

  • Sphoeroides georgemilleri

  • Sphoeroides greeleyi (Green puffer)

  • Sphoeroides kendalli (Slick puffer)

  • Sphoeroides lispus (Naked puffer)

  • Sphoeroides lobatus (Longnose puffer)

  • Sphoeroides maculatus (Northern puffer)

  • Sphoeroides marmoratus (Guinean puffer)

  • Sphoeroides nephelus (Southern puffer)

  • Sphoeroides nitidus

  • Sphoeroides pachygaster (Blunthead puffer)

  • Sphoeroides parvus (Least puffer)

  • Sphoeroides rosenblatti

  • Sphoeroides sechurae (Peruvian puffer)

  • Sphoeroides spengleri (Bandtail puffer)

  • Sphoeroides testudineus (Checkered puffer)

  • Sphoeroides trichocephalus (Pygmy puffer)

  • Sphoeroides tyleri (Bearded puffer)

  • Sphoeroides yergeri (Speckled puffer)



  • Takifugu alboplumbeus

  • Takifugu bimaculatus

  • Takifugu chinensis (Eyespot Puffer)

  • Takifugu chrysops (Red-eyed Puffer)

  • Takifugu coronoidus

  • Takifugu exascurus

  • Takifugu flavidus (Yellowbelly pufferfish, Towny puffer)

  • Takifugu niphobles (Grass Puffer, Starry puffer)

  • Takifugu oblongus (Oblong blow fish, Lattice blaasop)

  • Takifugu obscurus (Obscure Puffer)

  • Takifugu ocellatus (Ocellated Puffer)

  • Takifugu orbimaculatus

  • Takifugu pardalis (Panther puffer)

  • Takifugu plagiocellatus

  • Takifugu poecilonotus (Fine Patterned Puffer)

  • Takifugu porphyreus (Purple Puffer)

  • Takifugu pseudommus

  • Takifugu radiatus

  • Takifugu reticularis

  • Takifugu rubripes (Tiger Puffer, Japanese Puffer)

  • Takifugu snyderi

  • Takifugu stictonotus (Spotback, Spottyback Puffer)

  • Takifugu variomaculatus

  • Takifugu vermicularis (Purple Puffer, Pear Puffer)

  • Takifugu xanthopterus (Yellowfin puffer)



  • Tetractenos glaber (Smooth toadfish)

  • Tetractenos hamiltoni



  • Tetraodon duboisi (Stanley puffer, Pool Malebo Puffer)

  • Tetraodon lineatus (Fahaka pufferfish, Nile pufferfish, lineatus puffer or globe fish)

  • Tetraodon mbu (Mbu Puffer, Giant Puffer)

  • Tetraodon miurus (Congo puffer, potato puffer)

  • Tetraodon pustulatus (Cross River puffer, Red-line puffer)

  • Tetraodon schoutedeni (Spotted Congo puffer, Leopard puffer, Schouteden's puffer)



  • Torquigener albomaculosus (white-spotted pufferfish)

  • Torquigener altipinnis

  • Torquigener andersonae (Anderson's toadfish)

  • Torquigener balteus (slender blaasop)

  • Torquigener brevipinnis

  • Torquigener flavimaculosus

  • Torquigener florealis

  • Torquigener gloerfelti

  • Torquigener hicksi (Hick's toadfish)

  • Torquigener hypselogeneion (orange-spotted toadfish)

  • Torquigener marleyi

  • Torquigener pallimaculatus

  • Torquigener parcuspinus (yellow-eyed toadfish)

  • Torquigener paxtoni

  • Torquigener perlevis (spineless toadfish)

  • Torquigener pleurogramma (weeping toadfish)

  • Torquigener randalli (Randall's puffer)

  • Torquigener squamicauda (brush-tail toadfish)

  • Torquigener tuberculiferus

  • Torquigener vicinus

  • Torquigener whitleyi (Whitley's toadfish)



  • Tylerius spinosissimus (spiny blaasop)


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